Comunn Gàidhlig Inbhir Nis

Stèidhichte 1871 : Established 1871

Cuairt Shamhraidh 2014

Chuir coimhearsnachd Ratharsair fàilte bhlàth oirrn an dè nuair a thadhail sinn air an Eilean – tha dealbhan gu h-ìosal.

We received a really warm welcome from the Raasay community yesterday when we visited the island for our summer outing – please see photos below.


Lecture by Bill Lawson, 11th Oct 2013

Seo an òraid le Bill Lawson | Here is the recording of the lecture by Bill Lawson on 11th October 2013 – “Emigration from the Western Isles between 1750 and 1920″

Lecture by Graeme Mackenzie, 27 Sep 2013

Seo an òraid le Graeme MacCoinnich | Here is the recording of the lecture by Graeme Mackenzie on 27th October 2013 – “The Life and work as a historian of Dr. William Mackay — a founder of the Gaelic Society of Inverness”

Cuairt Shamhraidh | Summer Outing

Cuiribh Disathairne 17 Cèitean nur leabhraichean latha airson a’ Chuairt Shamhraidh gu ruige Eilean Ratharsair. Bidh bus againn a’ fàgail Inbhir Nis tràth sa mhadainn is a’ tilleadh uaireigin às dèidh 1900. Chan eil clàr ama air a dhaigneachadh fhathast ach cuiridh sinn fios air an làrach-lìn an ceann mìos no dhà. Cosgaidh an turas £20/£30 a rèir cia mheud duine a bhios againn air a’ bhus.

Bidh fàilte air daoine nach eil nam buill.

Tha sinn air leth toilichte gum bidh Cailean MacIlleathain còmhla rinn air an latha agus bidh eòlaichean eile nar measg cuideachd.

Cuiribh fios thugainn ma tha sibh airson àite a ghlèidheadh air a’ bhus no ma tha ceistean sam bith agaibh:

Dealbh (Hallaig): le Cailean MacIlleathain


You can now put the date of Saturday 17 May in your diary for our annual Summer Outing. This year we will visit Raasay. There will be a coach leaving Inverness fairly early and returning sometime after 1900. The timetable for the day hasn’t been finalised yet but there will be more details on the website in the next month or two. The trip will cost £20/£30 depending on how many passengers we can get for the outing.

Non-members are very welcome to come on the outing.

We are delighted that Cailean MacLean plans to join us for the day and there will be other friends with us who have knowledge of Raasay and its people.

To book places on the bus or if you have any questions about the Summer Outing please get in touch:

Photo (Hallaig): by Cailean Maclean





Taigh-Cèilidh 7.3.14

Tha planadh air a bhith dol fad mìosan a-nis airson Cuirm 2014. Dheasaich sinn cèilidh dhuibh a bhios neo-fhoirmeil le òrain sgoinneil is craic gu leòr. Tha tiogaidean ri fhaotainn bho Eden Court: 01463-234234 no

We have been busy planning the 2014 Annual Event at Eden Court for months now. We hope you will love the event this year and it will be an informal evening in the style of a traditional House Cèilidh with great songs and plenty craic. Tickets are available now from Eden Court: 01463-234234 or



Agitation for Education: The Skelpick Shepherds of Strathnaver and the Education (Scotland) Act 1872

IMG_0235Tonight (Friday 17th January) is our first lecture of 2014. Dr Issie MacPhail will speak on Agitation for Education: 1840s – 1880s.  Focusing on the parish of Farr in north west Sutherland, her paper explores local actions aimed at achieving access to elementary education.

Please be reminded that the venue for the lectures has now changed to Bun Sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis (Inverness Gaelic Primary School) opposite the Asda supermarket. The Netley Centre can no longer offer the use of the building in the evenings which is why we have had to change the venue.

The lecture starts at 19:30. Non-members are very welcome.

Clàr na bliadhna 2013-14 | Syllabus 2013-14

Chithear gu h-ìosal clàr na bliadhna a bhios air a chlò-bhualadh an t-seachdain-sa tighinn.

Please find below the Syllabus for the upcoming session.

 centenary logo small

Comunn Gàidhlig Inbhir Nis : Gaelic Society of Inverness

Clàr Choinneamhan 2013-2014 : Meetings 2013-2014

Venue: Bun Sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis (Inverness Gaelic Primary School)

Time: 7.30pm

** This talk will be in Gaelic. Simultaneous interpretation (on headphones) from Gaelic to English will be provided.



Friday 27th September 2013

‘The Life and work as a historian of Dr William Mackay – a founder of the Gaelic Society of Inverness’

Mr Graeme M Mackenzie MA, Inverness


Friday 11th October 2013

‘Emigration from the Western Isles between 1750 and 1920’

Mr Bill Lawson, BL ARICS


Friday 25th October 2013

‘A Sgitheanach looks in the rear view mirror’ (more Musical Memories) **

Mr Allan MacDonald, MA


Friday 8th November 2013

Annual Dinner, Kingsmills Hotel, 7.30pm

Speaker: Sheriff Roderick John MacLeod

Topic: ‘Cùirt an Fhearainn aig Ceud Bliadhna / One Hundred Years of the Scottish Land Court’

Friday 22nd November 2013

‘Dr Lachlan Grant of Ballachulish – A Highland Hero and Tireless Campaigner (1900-1945)’

Dr Roderick MacLeod, retired Ballachulish GP


Friday 6th December 2013

‘The Campaign for a Highland University, 1945 to 1981’

Professor Ewen Cameron, Inverness / Edinburgh


Friday 17th January 2014

‘Agitation for Education: The Skelpick Shepherds of Strathnaver and

the Education (Scotland) Act 1872’

Dr Issie MacPhail


Friday 7th February 2014

‘Sealbh air an fhearann ann an Uibhist a Deas’ **

Dr Roddy Campbell


Friday 28th February 2014

‘Glaschu: Òrain Gàidheatachd a’ Bhaile Mhòir’

Mary Ann Kennedy


Friday 7th March 2014

Annual Gaelic Showcase – ‘An Taigh Cèilidh’

7.30pm, Eden Court Theatre


Friday 21st March 2014

‘Ordained Lismore: Priests for the Highland District’

Alasdair Roberts, Morar


Friday 18th April 2014

Annual Business Meeting

‘Donald Shaw: The Crofter’s Lawyer’

Sheriff Roderick John MacLeod


Saturday 19th April 2014

Culloden Anniversary Service

Assemble at visitor centre by 10.30am


Rob Donn & Dùthaich MhicAoidh | Rob Donn & Mackay Country

Air Disathairne 18mh Cèitean chaidh buill is caraidean gu ruige Diùranais airson Cuairt Shamhraidh. Bha 20 againn ann is dh’ fhàg sinn Inbhir Nis aig 08.00, le treiseag ann an Luirg airson cupa tì. Choinnich Sandra Train rinn aig Cladh Bhaile na Cille is sheall i dhuinn clach-uaidh Roib Dhuinn. Bha e inntinneach cluinntinn na sgrìobh Rob mu shaoghal fhèin san ochdamh lìnn deug ann an Cataibh.

Thadhail sinn air na bùithean beaga feasgar is dhraibh sinn air ais taobh Ullapul. Bidh sinn a’ beachdachadh a dh’ aithghearr air Cuairt Shamhraidh na h-ath bhliadhn’ — tha Eilean Ratharsair aig mullach na liosta an dràsd.

On Saturday 18th May members and friends visited Durness for the day for the annual Summer Outing. There were 20 of us in the group and we departed Inverness at 08.00, with a stop in Lairg for a cup of tea. Sandra Train joined the group at Balnakeil churchyard and she showed us Rob Donn’s gravestone. It was interesting to hear about Rob’s life and how his poetry can tell us about the world of 18th century Sutherland.

In the afternoon we visited the craft shops at Balnakeil and we then took the Ullapool road home. Soon the committee will start planning next year’s Summer Outing — at the moment Raasay is top of the shortlist.


Culloden Anniversary Service 2013

Tomorrow is the Culloden Anniversary Service, held each year on the Saturday closest to the anniversary date of 16th April. We will hear from the new Society Chief for 2013-14, Roddy John Macleod, who will lead the crowd in an appropriate tribute.

Members and friends are asked to meet at the visitor centre for 10.30am and we will walk to the Cairn in a procession led by the Society’s Honorary piper Ronald Maclean, in time for the service to start at 11.00am.

The photo below shows the crowd at the 2012 service.

Remembrance Service at Culloden, 2012

Annual Business Meeting 2013

The 2013 Annual Business Meeting will be held tomorrow evening (Friday 12th April) at 7.30pm, at the Netley Centre, Bishop’s Road. There will be the usual review of the past year and election of Office Bearers and Council Members.

Directly after the ABM, there will be an address by the current Society Chief, Professor Donald Macleod. The talk is entitled “From the Edge”.

Please also be reminded that the Annual Culloden Anniversary Service takes place this Saturday (13th April). We will be meeting at the visitor centre for 10.30am and then will follow the Society’s Hon. Piper Mr Ronald Maclean  over to the Cairn where the short service will be held. Society Chief for 2013–14, Roddy John Macleod, will address the congregation in an appropriate tribute to the occasion.